Futuristic Modular Computer System Dubbed KOOB+ Concept

Meet KOOB +, which represents a modular computer system featuring a slim, lightweight and portable core module with a display, along with basic performance anddetachable control modules.

Cybertecture Egg

The Cybertecture Egg by the firm James Law Cybertecture is built around the concept of creating architecture using the intangible materials of technology, multimedia, intelligence and interactivity.  The Egg derives its shape from the Earth, with a desire to serve as a sustainable nucleus for the surrounding Bandra Kurla Complex.

Under Water Hotel - Water Discus Hotel Proposed In Dubai (+Video)

The structure would comprise of one underwater and one above-water disc, connected by three solid legs that are fixed to the sea bed, and a daylight filled vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. 

Skyscraper Futuristic Designs Concept

Skyscraper Futuristic Designs Concept

5 Futuristic Concept iPhone Designs (+Video)

5 Futuristic Concept iPhone Designs

Living Mountain By Anna-Maria Simatou & Marianthe Dendrou

The Living Mountain is a city-like skyscraper for one of the Earth’s harshest environments: the desert. Fertile land is gradually being transformed into deserts due to global warming. This project is located in one of those regions, the desert of Taklamakan, in the northwestern region of China. 

Audi Shark Car By Kazim Doku (+Video)

Audi Shark Car By Kazim Doku

5 Beautiful Design Home Aquarium

5 Beautiful Design Home Aquarium
1. Balancing Fishbowl Aquarium
2. One Pot, Two Lives
3. 1984 Fish Bowls
4. biOrb Life Aquarium
5. Hanging Fish Tank

Waterworld Hotel Concept, Songjiang, China By Atkin’s Architecture Group

Waterworld is a hotel built in a natural element: a spectacular career filled with water from Songjiang(China).The uniqueness of this hotel of 400 rooms will increase the number of tourists. Status: Concept.

Transparent Screen Concept Tablet Ff The Future By Samsung (+Video)

Future Concept Tablet. Samsung has posted a video demonstrating a rather mind-blowing new concept tablet featuring a fully flexible AMOLED display of the future. You can see through it, bend it, fold it and roll it up — and of course, you can use it to read books, browse the web, take pictures and watch videos.