"A Day Made Of Glass" By Corning (+Video) (Part 1/6)

Can you imagine organizing your daily schedule with a few touches on your bathroom mirror? Changing the look of your car dashboard with a quick swipe? Reading a classic novel on a
whisper-thin piece of flexible glass?

“A Day Made of Glass”
Corning’s vision for the future, with specialty glass at the heart of it.
Corning is not only imagining those scenarios – the company is engaged in research that could bring them alive in the not-too-distant future. You can get a glimpse of Corning’s vision through our “A Day Made of Glass” video series. Glass is essential to making this vision a reality. Corning’s advancements in sleek, flexible, touch-sensitive, and damage-resistant glass materials are the solution for not just the near future, but today. Corning’s vision for a more connected world is expanded into a series of videos that help to bring that vision together in various extensions and montage-style clips: 

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