Transparent Screen Concept Tablet Ff The Future By Samsung (+Video)

Future Concept Tablet. Samsung has posted a video demonstrating a rather mind-blowing new concept tablet featuring a fully flexible AMOLED display of the future. You can see through it, bend it, fold it and roll it up — and of course, you can use it to read books, browse the web, take pictures and watch videos. 
Granted, the video above is replete with special effects to show off as-yet unavailable-to-consumers technology. However, we've seen Samsung making big investments in flexible screens, and the video above lines up with demos we saw earlier this year: At the beginning of 2011, Samsung acquired Liquivista, a company specializing in the kind of clear, uber-bendy displays you're seeing above. The smaller firm used techniques called electrowetting to create displays that are bright, low-power, flexible and transparent.

So when can you start putting these futuristic gadgets on your wish list?
Sadly, that's not a question we can answer at the moment, but we'd say you'll be seeing flexi-screens long before jetpacks take off. In fact, flexible screen technology was on Samsung's list of mobile trends to watch back in March, when Yongsuk Choi, director of Samsung Mobile Display, gave an overview of the company's future mobile device plans. Still, at that time, Choi stated that most of the flexible-display technology his company was working on was still in very early stages. In October, Samsung passed Apple as the top smartphone manufacturer. The company shipped 27.8 million smartphones in Q3 2011. Altogether, Samsung's current share of the smartphone market is 23.8 percent, largely due to its successes on the Android platform.


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