Flexible Mobile Device for the Future Gadgets

Flexible Mobile Device for the Future Gadgets, This year 2011 might become the years of Tablet PC where so many vendors will release their brand new tablet PC either it using an Android OS or Windows 7 OS. Have you imagine for the concept of the future gadgets? 
aFuturistic Gadget Concepts could be a flexilble modile. With latest technologies opening new horizons in consumer electronic market, futuristic gadgets promises better looks and user interface to enhance the experience of the user. Conceived by American designer Andrew Namminga based in the orange county California, the “Flexible Modile” is a conceptual mobile device that utilizes emerging technology to be created around a soft surface, ideally a fabric and or mesh, which would house the main components and mount the screen. Featuring the touch sensitive, flexible screen to allow the device fold out and become a tablet, the new mobile device also utilizes the outside screen to display the graphic treatment/background, picked by the user, to allow quick and easy customization and unlimited CFM options. Here's several cool concept of a Flexible Modile for the futuristic gadgets. Wow i hope this kind of concept could be realized soon.

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